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Hotwire recently hosted its first team hackathon for 2016 focused on #Choice, drawing participants from Bellevue, Guadalajara, Kiev, and San Francisco. The 30 teams were formed from 120 hackers from Customer Operations, Engineering, Marketing, Product and Supply.

The hackers were asked to address the power of choice by developing new features to bring more, better and unique choices to customers. The challenge presents a great opportunity to offer more inventory choice and also present existing inventory in a way that provides a more unified and integrated experience, solidifies brand value, and increases profitability.


The judges focused on originality and innovation; functionality, design and technical merit; feasibility and scalability.

  • Overall Winner: Flex Booking – which was a unique take on hotel cancellations.
    • Team: Daniel Arauz, Payal Baruah, Sundeep Cheedhella, Gaurav Gupta, Pooja Jumani, Marie Shatara, Mick Valiyee
  • Next-Gen Hack: Choicez – which was an implementation of Hotwire app customized for AppleTv
    • Team: Deepu Mukundan, Jai Bhambhwani, Brian Beavers

After the demos, audience were asked to vote for their choice.

  • Popular vote: HotLux – which was an implementation of upsell to luxury suites
    • Team: Paul Goldshteyn, Aya Joldassova, Maria Shamota, Enrique Ulloa, Anton Krivin, Amol Deshmukh, Sameer Prajapati, Matt Andrade
A number of features have been included in the upcoming product roadmaps, so judges deemed this quarterly hackathon the best one to date!


Here are few team members from Flex Booking

Flex Booking Team Winners

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