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Why you should automate your documentation

What is the difference between great web service and ordinary one? In fact, there are a lot of distinctions, but one of the most significant is, of course, documentation.

This is the first thing the users see when start using your web service, and, possibly, they will never go deeper to your source code and never see how cool it is. In this case the first impression is really valuable.

I think, you’ll agree with me, that poor documentation leaves dramatically poor impression, and decrease the pleasure of using any service. It also can erase all of the greatest advantages of your service.

It is pretty straightforward, but at…



If you are already using Jenkins for continuous integration you can easily adopt for iOS as well. You can use all the features of creating jobs like build, unit tests, smoke, and regression as well as creating pipelines. This blog helps you to get started with setting up iOS CI and also running tests in parallel on multiple computers.


Discard Old Builds

Discard Old Builds controls how long we would like to keep the build records such as console output, artifacts, reports. This can be achieved by one of two criteria


At Hotwire we have a long history of using Performance testing tools to certify production release candidates. LoadRunner was used for more than 10 years to run 50+ complex scenarios and sign-off release candidates.

In 2015 Performance Testing team migrated all Performance test scripts to Gatling.

We have achieved multiple benefits by this migration:

  • Started using Scala DSL instead of LoadRunner UI
  • Implemented real-time monitoring with Graphite and Grafana
  • Replaced Windows load generators with RHEL7 and moved them to AWS
  • Increased number of load generators and enabled CI for performance testing…



Having a good automation framework is fundamental for a quality app. There are several tools available for mobile test automation but not any framework which ties them all together. At Hotwire we wanted to create a test automation framework for Mobile Native apps which will help us to scale & maintain tests as we add more features to the apps. We came up with following requirements for the frameworks:

  1. Test scenarios should be written in plain English so that it is easy to maintain & most importantly tests should reflect end user perspective.
  2. Tests should scale. Able to slice and dice tests based on features set & level of testing like…