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Why you should automate your documentation

What is the difference between great web service and ordinary one? In fact, there are a lot of distinctions, but one of the most significant is, of course, documentation.

This is the first thing the users see when start using your web service, and, possibly, they will never go deeper to your source code and never see how cool it is. In this case the first impression is really valuable.

I think, you’ll agree with me, that poor documentation leaves dramatically poor impression, and decrease the pleasure of using any service. It also can erase all of the greatest advantages of your service.

It is pretty straightforward, but at…


What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a new programming language from JetBrains, the maker of the world’s best IDEs.

  • Kotlin compiles to JVM bytecode or JavaScript.
  • Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language.
  • Kotlin is designed to interoperate with Java code and is reliant on Java code from the existing Java Class Library.
  • The syntax is lean and intuitive. It is a lot like Scala but much more comprehensible for Java developers. It does not completely destroy your OOP paradigm vision.
  • It does not enforce you to use only functional or only OOP style, which really simplifies the migration for existing Java…