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Scribes from Hotwire Engineering


At Hotwire we have a long history of using Performance testing tools to certify production release candidates. LoadRunner was used for more than 10 years to run 50+ complex scenarios and sign-off release candidates.

In 2015 Performance Testing team migrated all Performance test scripts to Gatling.

We have achieved multiple benefits by this migration:

  • Started using Scala DSL instead of LoadRunner UI
  • Implemented real-time monitoring with Graphite and Grafana
  • Replaced Windows load generators with RHEL7 and moved them to AWS
  • Increased number of load generators and enabled CI for performance testing…



Hotwire follows microservices based architecture. However, splitting the core functionality into microservices is a challenge in itself. Integration testing is very important to make sure all the microservices work well together. That is a primary reason why teams here rely more on test automation. Test automation make it easier for teams to be agile and deliver faster. However, just writing lot of integration tests is not enough; making them deterministic really matters. If tests are non-deterministic, SEs/SDETs end up spending more time…