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Scribes from Hotwire Engineering

The purchase path in any m-commerce app needs least resistance and must be devoid of errors. Credit card entry is a very important component of the purchase path, and in our initial versions of the app this particular component was powered by a third-party open source library. The decision to use that library was purely based on time-to-market.

Why write our own?

Throughout the months that the Hotwire android app was in the play store, there were a significant numbers of errors attributed to this library which exposed deficiencies, especially in the following areas.


Our partners give us access to their unsold inventory – empty seats on flights, empty hotel rooms, and extra cars on the lot – at big savings. By showing the name of our travel partner after customers book, Hotwire can get travel deals that are significantly below published prices.

Because we can’t disclose a lot of detailed information about the hotel, showing the general location of the hotel via neighborhood polygons on a map becomes a very important feature for our app.

The initial versions of our Android application had only…